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Dallas Morning News

ABC affiliate WFAA-8

  • Odell Beckham Jr.  (New York Giants)

  • Dez Bryant (Dallas Cowboys)

  • Bradley Marquez (L.A. Rams)

  • Jakeem Grant (Miami Dolphins)

  • Vernon Turner (University of Oklahoma)

  • Keenon Laine (University of Georgia)

  • Mary Keitany (Kenya)

  • Elvan Abeylegesse (Turkey)

  • Jarrett Culver (Texas Tech University)

  • Trae Young (University of Oklahoma)

  • Molly Hannis (Team USA Swimming)

  • Lilly King ( Illinois University)

  • Riley Casey (University of Oklahoma)

  • Christoffer Bring (University of Texas

  • Tom Brady (New England Patriots)

  • Nick Foles (Philadelphia Eagles)

  • Buster Posey (San Francisco Giants)

  • Gary Sanchez (New York Yankees)

  • Mirai Nagasu (Team USA Figure Skating)

  • Karen Chen (Team USA Figure Skating)

“Zayak Rule”: skaters are prohibited from repeating two triple or quadruple jumps more than twice; skaters must attempt at least one of the repeated jumps in a combination; the rule is designed to reward skaters with a variety of skills

Reference List

Skate Web. (1994). Competitive Figure Skating FAQ: Rules and Regulations. Retrieved March 13, 2018 from: http://www.frogsonice.com/skateweb/faq/rules.shtml#Q8



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